Welcome to our HYIP monitor site. Here you can find useful information about each program to help you decide whether to go for investment or not. We also published articles about HYIP for beginners and investors to learn more about HYIP. Hopefully this may be useful for you.
Other Monitors

Some investors will say: “Don’t follow HYIP Monitors”, but we don’t think so. You can get a lot of information if you follow good HYIP Monitors. These are few monitors which we think are good to follow. Reading and researching about programs is the best way how you can gain information about the program.

money-news-online.com davidnews.com emilynews.com fairmonitor.com
instantscamalert.com hyips.com newhyip.com graspgold.com
If you think some other monitoring sites should be on the list, please send us the monitor name and your reason why you think the monitor should be on the list to admin@lookhyip.com