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    How to insert pictures in forum posts?

    1. Upload your picture to an image server. The most common free image servers are
    · Imgur -> http://imgur.com/
    · Tinypic -> http://tinypic.com/
    · Flickr -> http://flickr.com/
    Copy the image URL provided by your image host.

    2. Linking an image in LookHYIP forum:
    Any other images hosted elsewhere, you simply link to them using the <image src=”your link”>
    1. <img src=”http://www.imgur.com/yourimage.jpg”>
    2. <img src=”http://news.google.com/images/news.jpg”>

    If you want to link an existing image in the Internet then you don’t have to upload a picture on an image server. Just ‘Right Click’ the image in the webpage, choose ‘Properties’ then copy-paste the URL with the image tag above.

    Remember to write the full URL of the image. Always include the “http://” and don’t make spaces.

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