Welcome to our HYIP monitor site. Here you can find useful information about each program to help you decide whether to go for investment or not. We also published articles about HYIP for beginners and investors to learn more about HYIP. Forum also available for any discussions about HYIP. Hopefully this may be useful for you.

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    Hello Everyone!!

    It’s been almost a year when the five of us decided to make its own HYIP monitor. However, because our busyness the monitor was not being too active in this 4 months.
    Now we have made some improvements for the better quality. Here are some improvements we have made :

    HYIP Daily News
    We will present the updated news about what is happening in hyip industry, and we also provide a summary for each week.

    HYIP Forum
    We created the forum and we welcome everyone to come and discuss about HYIP.

    Program Details
    We added some useful information about the program.

    Payment Proof
    Payment proof is directed to our forum so that investors can also share their payment proof.

    Now we accept payment via Payeer and Bitcoin.

    Listing + Banner
    We fix the price and also add sticky listing on the list of our listings.

    Trial Listing
    In this section, we will monitor only the programs which we think are profitable and have the potential to grow.

    Other Monitor
    We added 8 other monitors. If you think some other monitoring sites should be on the list, please contact us.

    After a long time did not update, we will start updating our articles regularly.

    We also provide the program review.

    That’s all for now what I have to share with you today, and I wish you a successful week for your investment.

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