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Guide To Check Quality of HYIP

There are more than 5 HYIP programs launched everyday, so how to choose good HYIP? We must check the quality of HYIP website before we invest. So, below are some quick guide to check the quality of HYIP website:

HYIP website design
Check the graphic design on the HYIP site. Good HYIP always have attractive or unique design. This is quite easy to see, because the template, it’s a first thing that shows you when you access to website, if you work with website many times, I think you know it already.

License Script
Check License script, you must go to website who sell that HYIP script, nowadays, there are websites that sell HYIP script, but I just listed some famous services with the price of HYIP Script :
GoldCoders – http://www.goldcoders.com/?page=checkdomain
ShadowScripts – http://www.shadowscripts.com/license-validator
ProbizScript – http://probizscript.com/
H-Scripts – http://h-scripts.com/check
HotHYIPScript – http://www.hothyipscript.com/?a=check_license
In our opinion, a good HYIP script is a programs with self-developed script or script that has license and Admin customizes something to make it better and flexible.

Hosting,DDOS and SSL
Search for a HYIP which has dedicated or VPS server, Extended validate SSL or green SSL for all pages, Strong or default DDOS protection from server etc. Some of these tools (like SSL) are not so essential for a HYIP program, but those make a program looks solid. You may not found all tools in a single HYIP program but your chosen program should have at least 3 of those tools. Never invest in a HYIP which is hosted on free server and using a free domain extension (examples: .tk, .ml, etc)

Investment Rate
Good HYIP is offering a reasonable profit or ROI (Return of Investments), unreasonable plan like 110% after 5 minutes or 500% after 1 day.

The more advertised the HYIP program is, the more it spends money on it. The HYIP administrator wants to return his investment at least. This means that if the program is much advertised, then it is unlikely to disappear soon. When the HYIP starting is heavily advertised on several monitoring sites and / or forums it is a pretty good indicator that the program will last for a long time.

Interact with contact support with some basic and / or random questions to see how fast they reply, if they are friendly and supportive and take notes. See if the admin is actively engaged in communication with its members through social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.) and newsletters. Communication is the key and it also reflects their dedication.

Payment Processors
This is a really important part, the more payment options the better. Major payment processors include Perfect Money and BitCoin. As a rule of thumb, the more payment processors the better as it will mean that more people will be able to join and participate in the program.

Payment Status
here are hundreds of hyip monitors out there, make sure that the program you are joining has a” Paying Status, DO NOT join a program that is showing problem, or selective payments as status. Even if the program is showing paying in some monitors and problem in some others, it still means that something is not right, avoid them.

These are the factors to look out for. But be keen to note that some HYIP start off in a genuine way but in some time end up defrauding their clients. Even with the above in mind, it is not 100% guaranteed that they will follow these guides all the time. Be very careful especially when thinking of investing large sums of money.

Check regulary, we will update if finding new guide.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at admin@lookhyip.com