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General Information HYIP

HYIP Definition
HYIP which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. But higher profit mean higher risk with you money, when HYIP stop paying, you will lose the money you invest, because there is no way to get back your money, no one, and no organization will be responsible to return your money after HYIP SCAM, there is online world. So we advise you to be very careful in choosing the Hyips programs especially for those who are still new comer, because almost all of HYIP is scam or does not pay its members.

Types of HYIP
HYIP sites can be classified as:

Short-term HYIP
investment cycle is just one or few days, scam very fast, high HYIP investment risks and high profit for HYIP Investors and HYIP Players.

Mid-term HYIP
investment time about 2 – 4 weeks for one investment cycle, investment rate low and almost return after investment expire

Long-term HYIP
investment rate about 1% – 3% daily, long investment time 50-150 days

Types Withdrawl Payment
Manual payments – means that the administrator of HYIP makes payments manually.

Instant payments – means that orders of payment processed by program (site script), and produces immediately after request.
Auto payments – mean that the order and payment is done automatically, no need to visit HYIP site for payments request, money will automatically sent to an account in the payment system.