Welcome to our HYIP monitor site. Here you can find useful information about each program to help you decide whether to go for investment or not. We also published articles about HYIP for beginners and investors to learn more about HYIP. Hopefully this may be useful for you.
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Here are a few reasons to help you decide why you’ll choose us:
1. We offer high quality service for HYIP owners without any listing fee (100% of the amount will be invested into HYIP for monitoring purposes).
2. We will be monitoring your program for a lifetime.
3. We will review your program in English.
4. Publishing all the important news and updates from your program regularly.
5. Post screenshot of a payment proof from your program regularly in our forum.
6. Daily posts your program on 20 Active Group Facebook (50,000+ persons per group).
7. An ability in purchasing advertising banners on LookHYIP website.
8. With quality ad space, we don’t annoy our readers with multiple banner ads, and anything that would detract from enjoying reading and visiting our website.

Before adding program you have to agree with our Advertising Terms of Service:

Only the administrator or owner can add HYIP, referral links not allowed.

Listing on LookHYIP must be approved by us, we don’t accept HYIP which shown a lack of seriousness programs. In any case we have the right to refuse your program without any explanation.

We do not provide services to those HYIP which offers for investors more than 3% net daily profit in investment plan with a minimum deposit requirements.

We do not accept any special/monitoring plans.

Perfect Money and/or Bitcoin must be available as payment processors.

Program must have the site, and the site must be available in English. Projects with basic template can only buy a basic listing.

Program position in listing depends on monitoring status and payout ratio.

A positive review is not claimable, review can be positive or negative, it all depends on the quality of your project.

Posting on Facebook only on business days.

We do not guarantee the increase of attendance or investment on your program.

If withdrawal is delayed more than the promised processing time or we detect selective payments, we hold the right to switch program’s status to “Problem” and after 24 hours still pending, your program will appear in Scam section.

Your program will be added manually within 24 hours after payment. After your program being approved, it will be added to the list as “In Progress”, until the moment when we will receive the first payment from the initial investment.

In case if payment has been made before contacting us and listing request is declined, all funds you have paid to us will be refunded.

If you fully agree with these terms and conditions, please send us your program name, domain name and type of listing you want to admin@lookhyip.com we will reply less than 24 hours. (Please check the bottom of this page to see type of listing.)

Remember that our wallet is:
Perfect Money: U9500323
Bitcoin: 1EZTVcisETQemZXppBR2XqzyKbdCNj2ghW

Please do not pay for any other accounts other than those listed here or you will be scammed. We are not responsible for any losses regarding payment transactions, so please double-check everything before proceeding with a payment.

We have five type of listing:

 Sticky Listing ($30 – $75/week)
· Only Available for VIP Listing
· On Top of VIP, Premium, Basic and Trial Listings
· Include Sticky on Payment Proof Section
· Only Ten Slots
Slot 1 $75/week – Available
Slot 2 $70/week – Available
Slot 3 $65/week – Available
Slot 4 $60/week – Available
Slot 5 $55/week – Available
Slot 6 $50/week – Available
Slot 7 $45/week – Available
Slot 8 $40/week – Available
Slot 9 $35/week – Available
Slot 10 $30/week – Available
 VIP Listing ($200)
· $ 200 will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring
· On Top of Premium, Basic and Trial Listings
· Review within 7 days
· Daily posting on 20 Active Group Facebook (50,000+ persons per group)
 Premium Listing ($100)
· $ 250 will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring
· On Top of Basic and Trial Listings
· Review within 7 days
· Daily posting on 10 Active Group Facebook (50,000+ persons per group)
 Basic Listing ($50)
· $ 100 will be reinvested into your program for the monitoring
· On Top of Trial Listing
 Trial Listing ($0)
· Contains list of HYIP that we interested with minimum deposit is $10
· Review within 7 days
· Daily posting on 5 Active Group Facebook (50,000+ persons per group)

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@lookhyip.com and we will gladly clarify everything for you