Welcome to our HYIP monitor site. Here you can find useful information about each program to help you decide whether to go for investment or not. We also published articles about HYIP for beginners and investors to learn more about HYIP. Hopefully this may be useful for you.


About Us

Who We Are?

Founded in June 2015, LookHYIP is a new type of HYIP monitor which siding in favor of the investors, consist of 5 investors from 5 different countries. We are a group of people who want to make the HYIP world better. We’d like the HYIP market to be more transparent, stable and profitable. We will be monitoring using ghost investors to get real status and also to avoid selective payment.

We will be monitoring using ghost investors to get real status and also to avoid selective payment. By clicking on ” details ” you will be able to get deeper information on each HYIP which you want to know.

Please check the payment status of the specific HYIP program on LookHYIP before you decide to make a deposit, but please be aware that all investment programs are risky.

Nevertheless no risk no gain as most people would say, so always be advised that you should invest only the amount that you can afford to lose.

Why Choose Us ?

Here are a few reasons to help you decide why you’ll choose us

Program Filtering
We’ll not be monitoring all available HYIP, we’re very selective and We will declined  requests of low-end and unstable programs.

Program Review
We review HYIP, share our opinions and analysis about the program. You can also share your opinion about the program.

Payment Proofs
We’ll be posting all our payment proofs to prove if the selected HYIP still “Paying” or “Not Paying”

All Best Monitor
We collect information from HYIP monitors which we think are good to follow. For ease of use, the status of other HYIP monitors is also present in the ‘Other Monitors’. If you think some other monitoring sites should be on the list, please email us at admin@lookhyip.com and include the monitor name.

Guide & Strategies
We share HYIP knowledge and investment tips to all readers and visitors. You can also share your investment strategies, experience or knowledge with us, you can make a topic in the HYIP Knowledge, Guide and Strategies section

We provide a forum. Where you can chat, discussed and share your thought, information and opinions about HYIP.